100 + Beautiful Telugu Baby Names

Baby Girl Name Start With M
Baby Girl Name Start With M
If you are looking for Telugu Baby Names then your search ends here. Choosing a name for your precious bundle of joy is one of the most delightful and significant decisions you’ll make as a parent. In the Telugu-speaking community, names hold deep cultural and traditional meanings. They not only reflect the identity of the child but also carry hopes, blessings, and aspirations for their future. In this blog post, we present a handpicked list of 100 beautiful Telugu baby names, each with its unique significance and charm. So, let’s embark on this joyful journey of discovering timeless treasures for your little one. https://www.high-endrolex.com/16
  1. Aditya (ఆదిత్య) – The sun, symbolising brilliance and strength.
  2. Anika (అనిక) – Graceful and sweet.
  3. Bhuvan (భువన్) – The world or the Earth.
  4. Chaitanya (చైతన్య) – Consciousness; a name for Lord Vishnu.
  5. Dhruv (ధ్రువ) – Unshakable; a star that signifies steadfastness.
  6. Eesha (ఈశ) – The divine; another name for Goddess Parvati.
  7. Gaurav (గౌరవ) – Dignity and respect.
  8. Harsha (హర్ష) – Joy and happiness.
  9. Ishita (ఇషిత) – Desired; another name for Goddess Durga.
  10. Jagruthi (జాగ్రుతి) – Awareness; awakening of the soul.
  11. Keshav (కేశవ) – Lord Krishna, the one with beautiful hair.
  12. Lakshmi (లక్ష్మి) – Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  13. Manasvi (మానస్వి) – Intelligent and wise.
  14. Nandita (నందిత) – Cheerful and happy.
  15. Omkar (ఓంకార్) – The sacred sound of Om, representing the essence of the universe.
  16. Pranav (ప్రణవ) – Another name for Lord Vishnu; sacred syllable Om.
  17. Quresh (ఖురేష్) – An ancient Arabic name signifying prosperity.
  18. Rajesh (రాజేష్) – King of kings; variant of the name Raj.
  19. Sachi (సచి) – Wife of Lord Indra; truth.
  20. Tarun (తరుణ) – Youthful and fresh.
  21. Udaya (ఉదయ) – Dawn; symbolizes a new beginning.
  22. Veda (వేద) – Ancient scriptures; knowledge.
  23. Yamini (యామిని) – Night; one who is as beautiful as the night.
  24. Zara (జారా) – Princess; shining and radiating.

Telugu Baby Names inspired by Nature:

25. Aarav (ఆరవ్) – Peaceful and calm like a peaceful sound.
  1. Bhumi (భూమి) – Earth; represents stability and growth.
  2. Chitra (చిత్ర) – Artistic and creative; inspired by beautiful pictures.
  3. Divya (దివ్య) – Divine and celestial.
  4. Eshaan (ఈశాన్) – Lord Shiva; symbolizes the northeast direction.
  5. Falguni (ఫాల్గుని) – Born in the month of Falgun; inspired by the spring season.
  6. Gagan (గగన్) – Sky; representing vastness and infinity.
  7. Hema (హేమ) – Golden; shining like gold.
  8. Ishaanvi (ఈశాన్వి) – Goddess Parvati; daughter of Lord Shiva.
  9. Jyoti (జ్యోతి) – Radiant light; brightness.
  10. Kavya (కావ్య) – Poetry; artistic expression through words.
  11. Lalita (లలిత) – Beautiful and elegant.
  12. Meghna (మేఘన) – Cloud; symbolizes rain and abundance.
  13. Niva (నివ) – Foundation; strong and dependable.
  14. Oorvi (ఊర్వి) – Earth; variant of the name Bhumi.
  15. Pavan (పవన్) – Wind; represents a gentle and free-spirited nature.

Telugu Baby Names inspired by Mythology and Epics:

41. Arjuna (అర్జున) – The legendary archer prince from the Mahabharata.
  1. Bhishma (భీష్మ) – The wise and mighty warrior from the Mahabharata.
  2. Chandrika (చంద్రిక) – Moonlight; inspired by the moon’s beauty.
  3. Devaki (దేవకి) – Mother of Lord Krishna; divine.
  4. Ekalavya (ఏకలవ్య) – A loyal disciple and archer from the Mahabharata.
  5. Gandhari (గాంధారి) – Wife of King Dhritarashtra from the Mahabharata.
  6. Hanuman (హనుమాన్) – The devoted monkey god from the Ramayana.
  7. Indraja (ఇంద్రజ) – Daughter of Lord Indra; inspired by thunder and lightning.
  8. Janaki (జానకి) – Sita, wife of Lord Rama from the Ramayana.
  9. Karna (కర్ణ) – A noble warrior from the Mahabharata. … (Continued in the blog post)

Telugu Baby Names inspired by Virtues and Qualities:

51. Karuna (కరుణ) – Compassionate and kind-hearted.
  1. Lohith (లోహిత) – The name of Lord Shiva; signifies red like copper.
  2. Madhavi (మాధవి) – The name of a flowering creeper; symbolizes beauty and grace.
  3. Nithya (నిత్య) – Eternal and everlasting.
  4. Omkara (ఓంకార) – A variation of Omkar; symbolizes the eternal sound of Om.
  5. Pavani (పావని) – Pure and sacred; another name for Goddess Ganga.
  6. Raghav (రాఘవ) – Descendant of Lord Rama; signifies a noble lineage.
  7. Saketh (సాకేత) – Another name for Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama.
  8. Tejas (తేజస్) – Radiant and bright; symbolizes brilliance and energy.
  9. Ujjwal (ఉజ్జ్వల) – Bright and luminous; full of light.

Telugu Baby Names Inspired by Celestial Elements:

61. Ambar (అంబర్) – Sky; inspired by the vast blue expanse.
  1. Chandra (చంద్ర) – Moon; symbolizes coolness and serenity.
  2. Dhanush (ధనుష్) – Bow; inspired by the divine bow of Lord Shiva.
  3. Ekaakshara (ఏకాక్షర) – Om; the single syllable representing the ultimate reality.
  4. Falak (ఫలక్) – Heaven; symbolizes the celestial realm.
  5. Girija (గిరిజ) – Daughter of the mountain; another name for Goddess Parvati.
  6. Hamsa (హంస) – Swan; signifies purity and grace.
  7. Indra (ఇంద్ర) – King of gods; symbolizes strength and power.
  8. Janardhan (జనార్ధన) – Lord Vishnu; the one who sustains life.
  9. Kshitij (క్షితిజ) – Horizon; where the earth meets the sky.

Telugu Baby Names Inspired by Music and Art:

71. Lavanya (లావణ్య) – Grace and beauty; inspired by artistic charm.
  1. Meera (మీర) – Devotee of Lord Krishna; symbolizes love and devotion.
  2. Nartana (నర్తన) – Dance; inspired by the art of movement.
  3. Ojas (ఓజస్) – Vigor and vitality; represents strength and energy.
  4. Pallavi (పల్లవి) – New leaves; signifies new beginnings and growth.
  5. Raghu (రఘు) – An ancient dynasty; symbolizes nobility and greatness.
  6. Sargam (సర్గం) – Musical notes; inspired by the essence of music.
  7. Tarang (తరంగ) – Wave; symbolizes the flow of life and energy.
  8. Utsav (ఉత్సవ) – Celebration; represents joyous occasions and festivities.
  9. Veena (వీణ) – A traditional musical instrument; signifies harmony and melody.

Telugu Baby Names Inspired by Animals and Birds:

81. Ashva (అశ్వ) – Horse; represents strength and vitality.
  1. Bakula (బకుల) – A type of fragrant flower; symbolizes sweetness and fragrance.
  2. Chilaka (చిలక) – Sparrow; signifies freedom and playfulness.
  3. Dhanvi (ధన్వి) – Archer; inspired by skilled marksmanship.
  4. Eshaan (ఈశాన) – A variant of Eshan; symbolizes the northeast direction.
  5. Ghosh (ఘోష) – Sound or voice; represents communication and expression.
  6. Hiran (హిరణ) – Deer; signifies gentleness and grace.
  7. Jalaja (జలజ) – Lotus; represents purity and spiritual awakening.
  8. Kapi (కపి) – Monkey; inspired by playful and curious nature.
  9. Lomasha (లోమశ) – A sage with beautiful hair; symbolizes wisdom and intellect.

Telugu Baby Names Inspired by Historical and Mythical Figures:

91. Abhimanyu (అభిమన్యు) – A heroic character from the Mahabharata; signifies courage and valor.
  1. Chanakya (చాణక్య) – An ancient Indian philosopher and strategist; represents wisdom and intellect.
  2. Durgadas (దుర్గదాస్) – A noble soul devoted to Goddess Durga; signifies devotion and faith.
  3. Gautam (గౌతమ) – The name of a sage; represents enlightenment and wisdom.
  4. Haritha (హరిత) – Green; symbolizes nature and freshness.
  5. Ikshitha (ఇక్షిత) – Visible; represents clarity and perception.
  6. Jatayu (జటాయు) – A mythical bird from the Ramayana; symbolizes bravery and loyalty.
  7. Krishnaa (కృష్ణ) – Black; another name for Lord Krishna.
  8. Lava (లవ) – One of Lord Rama’s twin sons from the Ramayana; represents love and affection.
  9. Mithra (మిథ్ర) – Friend; symbolizes friendship and companionship.


Telugu baby names are not just mere labels; they carry profound meanings and encapsulate the essence of the child’s identity. This list of 100 beautiful Telugu baby names offers a diverse range of options, from names inspired by nature, mythology, virtues, celestial elements, music, and more. As you embark on this delightful journey of selecting the perfect name for your little one, remember that the most important aspect is the love and joy with which you bestow the name upon



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