200 Best Baby Girl Names in Telugu based on astrology (rashi)

Baby Girl Name Start With O
Baby Girl Name Start With O

If you are looking for baby girl names in Telugu then your search ends here. The birth of a child is a momentous occasion filled with joy and anticipation. For parents, choosing the perfect name for their baby girl is a significant decision that holds great cultural, social, and astrological importance. In Telugu culture, astrology plays a vital role in guiding parents towards selecting names that are believed to bring positive energy and blessings to the child’s life. In this blog post, we delve into the world of Telugu baby girl names, exploring the intricate relationship between astrology and naming traditions.

The Significance of Astrology in Baby Girl Names in Telugu Tradition

In Telugu culture, astrology, or “Jyotishya Shastra,” is deeply ingrained and influences various aspects of life, including naming practices. According to Vedic astrology, a child’s horoscope is created based on the exact date, time, and place of birth. The horoscope consists of planetary positions and the zodiac sign, known as “Rashi” in Telugu.

Choosing a baby girls names in Telugu that aligns with the baby’s Rashi is considered auspicious as it is believed to bring harmony, good luck, and prosperity to the child. Each Rashi is associated with specific letters, and names starting with those letters are preferred, as they are thought to resonate positively with the celestial forces governing the child’s destiny.

Name Meaning Numerology Zodiac Sign
Aadhya First Power 2 Aries
Aanya Gracious 6 Taurus
Akshara Eternal 3 Capricorn
Anika Grace 9 Leo
Aditi Mother of the Gods 3 Capricorn
Arya Noble 6 Scorpio
Amrita Immortality 2 Cancer
Ananya Unique 7 Libra
Aarushi First Ray of the Sun 5 Pisces
Akshaya Eternal 3 Capricorn
Aishwarya Prosperity 6 Virgo
Aaradhya Devoted to God 4 Sagittarius
Bhavya Grand, Splendid 8 Aquarius
Bhargavi Beautiful Goddess 1 Gemini
Charvi Beautiful Woman 2 Aries
Chaitra A Month in the Hindu Calendar 8 Aquarius
Divya Divine 9 Leo
Dhriti Courage 5 Pisces
Esha Desire 7 Libra
Ekta Unity 2 Cancer
Falguni Beautiful 3 Capricorn
Gauri Goddess Parvati 1 Gemini
Gayatri Mother of Vedas 3 Capricorn
Hamsika Goddess Saraswati 7 Libra
Harini Deer 9 Leo
Ishita Desired 8 Aquarius
Inika Little Earth 9 Leo
Isha Goddess 5 Pisces
Janani Mother 9 Leo
Jyotsna Moonlight 2 Aries
Kavya Poem 7 Libra
Kashvi Shining 8 Aquarius
Keerthi Fame 3 Capricorn
Kritika Name of a Star 4 Sagittarius
Kanika Small 2 Aries
Lasya Graceful Dance Form 5 Pisces
Lavanya Grace 8 Aquarius
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth 6 Taurus
Mounika Silent 7 Libra
Mrinalini Lotus Stem 3 Capricorn
Medha Intelligence 9 Leo
Nitya Eternal 6 Taurus
Navya Young 7 Libra
Neha Love 5 Pisces
Oviya Artist 3 Capricorn
Ojaswini Lustrous 7 Libra
Pooja Worship 3 Capricorn
Parvati Goddess 9 Leo
Pranavi Goddess Parvati 3 Capricorn
Pavani Pure 7 Libra
Rashi Collection of Wealth 9 Leo
Radhika Successful 6 Taurus
Ritu Season 7 Libra
Ritika Movement 4 Sagittarius
Sanya Unique 6 Taurus
Saira Princess 3 Capricorn
Sarika Koel, Cuckoo 1 Gemini
Sreeja Daughter of Goddess Laxmi 5 Pisces
Swara Musical Tone 3 Capricorn
Shruti Musical Note 7 Libra
Simran Remembrance 3 Capricorn
Shreya Auspicious 8 Aquarius
Trisha Wish 2 Aries
Tanvi Beautiful 3 Capricorn
Tulasi Sacred Plant Basil 3 Capricorn
Tanuja Daughter 9 Leo
Urvashi Celestial Maiden 1 Gemini
Urvi Earth 9 Leo
Vaishnavi Goddess Parvati 3 Capricorn
Vanya Gracious 3 Capricorn
Veda Knowledge 2 Cancer
Vidya Knowledge 7 Libra
Vinita Modest 5 Pisces
Yashika Success 4 Sagittarius
Yuvika Young Maiden 5 Pisces
Zara Princess 1 Gemini
Zoya Life 6 Taurus

The Influence of Planetary Positions on Baby Girl Names In Telugu

Astrology connects the movement of celestial bodies with human life. The position of planets at the time of birth is believed to shape an individual’s personality and life events. When it comes to naming baby girls in Telugu culture, certain planetary positions are considered favorable for specific Rashi.

For instance, if the moon is in a certain position during the birth of a baby girl, names starting with specific letters that correspond to the Rashi associated with that lunar position are believed to bring good fortune. This practice adds an extra layer of intricacy to the process of selecting a name.

The Vedic Connection: Sacred Meanings in Baby Girl Names In Telugu

Telugu baby girl names are often derived from ancient Vedic scriptures and have profound meanings associated with them. These names not only reflect the culture and history of the Telugu-speaking people but also carry a spiritual essence.

The Vedas, which are the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism, offer a vast array of names inspired by deities, nature, virtues, and mythology. Parents often choose names that resonate with their spiritual beliefs or have significant cultural relevance.


Naming a baby girl names in Telugu is a beautiful and meaningful journey, steeped in rich cultural traditions and astrological beliefs in Telugu culture. The influence of astrology in guiding this decision showcases the deep connection between cosmic forces and human life. While adhering to astrological practices is considered auspicious, parents also value the individuality of their child and the significance of a name that holds personal meaning. In the end, the chosen name becomes a cherished gift, bestowing blessings upon the little one as she embarks on a journey filled with love, prosperity, and joy.