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If you are looking for Beautiful Baby Girl Name Start With F then your search ends here. Choosing the perfect name for your baby Girl is an exciting yet challenging task for parents-to-be. If you’re considering names that start with the letter F, you’re in for a treat! This blog presents an extensive list Beautiful baby Girl names start with F, complete with their meanings, numerology insights, and corresponding zodiac signs. So, let’s embark on this delightful journey to discover the ideal name for your bundle of joy! So here is the list of Beautiful Baby Girl Name Start With F.


Name Meaning Numerology Zodiac Sign
Falguni Born in the month of Falgun (February-March) 6 Pisces
Fatima Captivating, one who abstains 1 Aries
Fanitha Determined and energetic 5 Leo
Farida Unique, precious 2 Taurus
Farisha Joyful, happy 9 Scorpio
Fatiksha Sharp-minded 4 Cancer
Fiyona Goddess of the moon 3 Gemini
Fulmala Garland of flowers 7 Libra
Falisha Happiness, joyful 8 Capricorn
Fritika Beautiful, lovely 2 Taurus
Fulki Spark, beautiful 6 Pisces
Freesia A type of flower 7 Libra
Faloni Beautiful 9 Scorpio
Fariha Happy, joyful 3 Gemini
Fanya Free, liberated 4 Cancer
Firoza Turquoise 6 Pisces
Fiza Breeze 8 Capricorn
Farha Happiness 5 Leo
Fazia Successful 6 Pisces
Faria Beautiful, kind-hearted 3 Gemini
Fidha Redemption 4 Cancer
Falguni Beautiful, artistic 7 Libra
Fehmina Precious gem 1 Aries
Fiana Light, radiance 8 Capricorn
Frita Beloved 9 Scorpio
Fiyona Free, liberated 2 Taurus
Fiza Nature, atmosphere 3 Gemini
Falini Fruitful, productive 5 Leo
Falak Sky, universe 6 Pisces
Farya Beautiful, gentle 8 Capricorn
Fiyara Beautiful melody 1 Aries
Falita Unique, extraordinary 2 Taurus
Farida Precious one 4 Cancer
Fiana Light, radiance 6 Pisces
Farya Beautiful, gentle 8 Capricorn
Fidha Redemption 9 Scorpio
Fiyona Goddess of the moon 1 Aries
Frita Beloved 2 Taurus
Fazia Successful 3 Gemini
Farha Happiness 5 Leo
Firoza Turquoise 6 Pisces
Fiyona Moonlight 7 Libra
Faniya Artist, creative 8 Capricorn

As we conclude this exploration of Beautiful Baby Girl Name Start With F, we hope you’ve found the perfect name for your little one or, at the very least, discovered some intriguing options that resonate with you. Naming your baby is a momentous occasion, and we believe it should be a joyful and meaningful experience. Whether you’re drawn to classic appellations or modern, trendy choices, the list we’ve compiled showcases the diversity and charm of names that commence with F.

Each name holds its own unique story and potential, just like your precious baby girl. May this compilation inspire you and guide you towards finding a name that not only sounds beautiful but also holds a special significance for you and your growing family. As you embark on this wonderful journey of parenthood, may your chosen name be a source of joy, love, and everlasting connection with your little bundle of joy. Congratulations on this exciting chapter, and may your baby’s name be a reflection of the beauty and love that surrounds your growing family.

In the rich tapestry of Hindu culture, selecting a meaningful and auspicious name for your baby girl is a cherished tradition. The names listed above, beginning with the letter ‘F,’ not only carry profound meanings but also reflect the diverse qualities and attributes parents wish for their sons. Whether you seek names rooted in joy, success, or uniqueness, this collection offers a delightful array of options. From Farhan, bringing happiness, to Feroze, symbolizing success, each name is like a gem, resonating with significance. May this journey of choosing the perfect name for your little one be as joyful as the names themselves, and may your child carry the essence of their name with pride throughout their life’s journey.