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If you are looking for Beautiful Baby Girl Name Start With A, then your search ends here. Choosing the perfect name for your Beautiful baby girl name start with A , is an exciting yet challenging task for parents-to-be. If you’re considering Beautiful Baby Girl Name Start With A, you’re in for a treat! This blog presents an extensive list of 150 + Baby Girl Name Start With A, complete with their meanings, numerology insights, and corresponding zodiac signs. So, let’s embark on this delightful journey to discover the ideal name for your bundle of joy!


Name Meaning Numerology Zodiac Sign
Aaradhya Worshiped, devoted 9 Pisces
Aanya Inexhaustible, boundless 5 Libra
Aadhya First power, Goddess Durga 6 Virgo
Aahana First rays of the sun 6 Virgo
Aalia Exalted, highest social standing 2 Cancer
Aarna Goddess Lakshmi, water 7 Scorpio
Aarohi Musical notes, a tune in music 4 Gemini
Aarushi First ray of the sun 8 Capricorn
Aashika One without sorrow 1 Aries
Aashna Beloved, friend 6 Virgo
Abha Glow, luster 2 Cancer
Abhaya Fearless 3 Sagittarius
Aditi Mother of all deities, boundless 2 Cancer
Adya First power, Goddess Durga 1 Aries
Ahana Inner light, dawn 2 Cancer
Aishani Goddess Durga 7 Scorpio
Akshara Imperishable, eternal 8 Capricorn
Amara Immortal 9 Pisces
Amisha Beautiful 6 Virgo
Amrita Immortality 5 Libra
Anaya Without a superior, unique 6 Virgo
Anika Grace, favor 7 Scorpio
Anisha Uninterrupted, continuous 3 Sagittarius
Anvi Earth 5 Libra
Aparna Goddess Parvati 3 Sagittarius
Aradhya Worshiped, devoted 4 Gemini
Arna Goddess Lakshmi, river 7 Scorpio
Arohi Musical notes, a tune in music 3 Sagittarius
Asha Hope, expectation 2 Cancer
Ashika One without sorrow 3 Sagittarius
Ashita Someone who brings hope 6 Virgo
Ashmita Very tough, hard 7 Scorpio
Asita One who is limitless 6 Virgo
Asmi I am, self-confident 2 Cancer
Asmita Pride, self-respect 8 Capricorn
Avani Earth 1 Aries
Avika Earth, existence 5 Libra
Avishi Earth, river 2 Cancer
Ayushi Long life 3 Sagittarius
Abigail Father’s joy 3 Leo
Aria Melody or air 4 Gemini
Amelia Industrious, striving, work 6 Virgo
Ava Life or living one 8 Capricorn
Aisha Alive or living 7 Scorpio
Addison Child of Adam 2 Cancer
Adeline Noble or nobility 1 Aries
Alice Noble or exalted 5 Libra
Aurora Dawn or light 3 Sagittarius
Annabelle Grace and beauty 9 Pisces
Alexis Defender of the people 6 Virgo
Autumn Season of harvest 7 Scorpio
Arabella Beautiful altar 5 Libra
Amara Immortal 9 Pisces
Anaya Gift 6 Virgo
Anastasia Resurrection 5 Libra
Arianna Holy 1 Aries
Adalyn Noble 2 Cancer
Alma Soul 1 Aries
Adaline Noble 5 Libra
Adalynn Noble 6 Virgo
Ainsley My meadow 8 Capricorn
Alessandra Defender of the people 6 Virgo
Alina Bright, beautiful 7 Scorpio
Amaya Night rain 5 Libra
Annalise Graced with God’s bounty 4 Gemini
Adira Strong, noble 9 Pisces
Azalea Dry 2 Cancer
Amira Princess 6 Virgo
Alivia Olive tree 5 Libra
Amelie Hardworking 3 Sagittarius
Athena Goddess of wisdom and war 4 Gemini
Anika Grace 9 Pisces
August Majestic 1 Aries
Aubrey Elf ruler 6 Virgo
Arya Noble, honorable 9 Pisces
Averie Elf counsel 5 Libra
Azariah Helped by God 3 Sagittarius
Amber Fossilized tree resin 9 Pisces
Allegra Joyful, lively 6 Virgo
Angelina Messenger of God 8 Capricorn
Amira Princess 6 Virgo
Amari Eternal 2 Cancer
Aviana Modern blend of Ava and Ana 3 Sagittarius
Avalynn Beautiful bird 4 Gemini
Amethyst Purple gemstone 2 Cancer
Alayna Beautiful 6 Virgo
Adelynn Noble 3 Sagittarius
Adelaide Noble and of good cheer 1 Aries
Alondra Defender of mankind 7 Scorpio
Ashlyn Dream or vision 9 Pisces
Adaline Noble 5 Libra
Alessia Defender of the people 8 Capricorn
Ariella Lion of God 3 Sagittarius
Aniyah Caring, affectionate 2 Cancer
Alani Orange tree 9 Pisces
Alejandra Defender of the people 7 Scorpio
Amora Love 6 Virgo
Athena Goddess of wisdom and war 4 Gemini
Aveline Hazelnut 3 Sagittarius
Alanna Attractive 8 Capricorn
Aliyah Exalted, sublime 5 Libra
Arabella Beautiful altar 6 Virgo
Anahi Beautiful 1 Aries
Alia Exalted, noble 7 Scorpio
Allegra Joyful, lively 2 Cancer
Amalia Industrious, striving, work 9 Pisces
Anastasia Resurrection 8 Capricorn
Anika Grace 6 Virgo
Aliza Joyful, exalted 2 Cancer
Antonia Priceless 7 Scorpio
Alba Dawn 1 Aries
Adriana Dark and rich 4 Gemini
April To open, blossom 9 Pisces
Alaina Attractive 3 Sagittarius
Amaris Promised by God 4 Gemini
Astrid Beautiful, loved 8 Capricorn
Aviva Springlike, fresh 7 Scorpio
Amabel Lovable 2 Cancer
Amity Friendship 6 Virgo
Althea Healer 3 Sagittarius
Aurelia Golden 9 Pisces
Aziza Precious 2 Cancer

As we conclude this exploration of beautiful baby girl names that begin with the enchanting letter A, we hope you’ve found the perfect name for your little one or, at the very least, discovered some intriguing options that resonate with you. Naming your baby is a momentous occasion, and we believe it should be a joyful and meaningful experience. Whether you’re drawn to classic appellations or modern, trendy choices, the list we’ve compiled showcases the diversity and charm of names that commence with A.

Each name holds its own unique story and potential, just like your precious baby girl. May this compilation inspire you and guide you towards finding a name that not only sounds beautiful but also holds a special significance for you and your growing family. As you embark on this wonderful journey of parenthood, may your chosen name be a source of joy, love, and everlasting connection with your little bundle of joy. Congratulations on this exciting chapter, and may your baby’s name be a reflection of the beauty and love that surrounds your growing family.