11 Ways a New Baby Will Make a Mother Emotional

1. Teeny-tiny everything. From precious ears to delicate noses and itty-bitty toes, everything about Baby is just so small and sweet! Kissing my baby’s tiny little hands and fingers always made me tear up.

I recall coming across one of my baby daughter’s itsy-bitsy socks while folding laundry. That little sock was so tiny and precious amongst the “big kid” clothes of my other children that I burst into tears! I have saved each one of my kid’s newborn baby socks in their keepsake boxes just to remember how tiny their feet were. 

2. Baby’s first fever. The first time Baby shows signs of sickness, whether it is the sniffles or a sudden spike in fever, mama’s heart goes into overdrive. Holding your feverish, lethargic baby and feeling hopeless to help them feel better can be a very emotional time. 

3. Big balls of hair in the shower. Add this to the list of things that the escaping pregnancy hormones do to a new mama’s body. Mid-shampoo, you’ll realize that your hands are tangled in a mess of hair that’s fallen out. Bye-bye luscious locks. Hello, bald spots along the hairline… sniff! 

4. Meeting a milestone. Be prepared with the tissues, because Baby’s quickly going to start meeting milestones. Just when you think, “I can’t wait for Baby to…” she’ll be rolling over, sitting up and walking — and the time goes by so quickly! That first real smile is sure to tug on your heartstrings. 

5. “Will I ever sleep again?” It’s no joke — those sleepless nights can really mess with your new mama emotions. Night after night without decent rest may leave you in an overwrought state. Ask for help and assistance with Baby so you can nap and get the break you need.

6. Leaking from everywhere. Sorry moms, but the leaking bladder doesn’t always end after delivery. And in addition to that issue, now you’re dealing with leaking breasts every time you even think about Baby. I remember the first time I accidentally went to bed without breast pads in my bra and woke up in a milk puddle. That’s enough to make your eyes leak too! 

7. Clipping and cutting. Oh yes, clipping those tiny fingernails and toenails can be tear-inducing. New moms can be soooo nervous about this delicate task. You might be tempted to just keep mittens and socks on Baby forever so you can avoid having to use the clippers!

And of course Baby’s first haircut is a tear-jerker, for sure. Whether you’re simply trimming bangs or shortening the length, cutting off those baby soft wisps can bring on the tears (be sure to save a few strands for safekeeping in the memento album!) 

8. First day back to work. Oh, this one is so brutal. Having to return to your job without Baby is one of the toughest things and sure to bring on the waterworks. My little one was 6 weeks old when I returned to work and there were definitely a few sobbing sessions in the bathroom during that first week back in the office.

9. Being touched constantly. 24/7 contact really put me on edge after my third baby was born. Not only was I holding my baby daughter all the time, but my other kids wanted to sit close to me and snuggle too. I appreciated all the extra loving but the constant touching sometimes made me tense and I needed a break. Just being able to take a shower alone and be by myself for a few minutes was all I needed to recharge. Be sure to let your partner know when you need time to yourself.

10. The future. Even when Baby’s only a week old, Mama’s mind is already daydreaming about the future. You might already be thinking of what the future holds for him and it’s making you bawl. True, the time goes by so quickly and babies are only little for a short amount of time. Enjoy the moment now and don’t feel like you have to rush into deciding what college she’s going to!

 11. “Am I a good mom?” Those feelings of inadequacy set in early, especially when you feel like you need to jump right back in where you left off after delivery. Give yourself grace and plenty of patience. And if crying it out lets off some of the pressure, then grab a box of tissues and let the tears fall!

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